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Author: upload113 Date: 29-03-2017, 05:09 Comments: 0 Views: 102
ON1 Effects MacOSX
macOS 10.8 or later | English | File Size: 409.65 MB

Adding style is part of what defines you as a photographer. Effects 10 includes hundreds of stackable filters, presets, borders, and textures to help create your style. Whether you're looking to add an HDR look, convert to B&W, bring out more detail, reduce noise, or enhance a portrait. Don't use five different plug-ins when ON1 Effects 10 is your one-stop solution.
Author: upload113 Date: 26-03-2017, 00:10 Comments: 0 Views: 59
NVivo 11.4.0 Multilangual MacOSX
NVivo 11.4.0 Multilangual MacOSX
File Size: 442.5 MB
Built specifically for Mac users by dedicated Mac developers, NVivo for Mac is the best native Mac application for qualitative data analysis. If you're a Mac person who needs to find insight in qualitative data, try NVivo for Mac - the advanced, feature rich, qualitative data analysis software, for Mac people.
Author: upload113 Date: 23-03-2017, 13:48 Comments: 0 Views: 83
Lighten PDF Converter Master 5.2.0 MacOSX
Lighten PDF Converter Master 5.2.0 MacOSX
File Size: (9.86 MB)

Lighten PDF Converter Master for Mac - Convert PDF files to 16 document formats, including Microsoft Office and iWork and more. Maybe this is the only PDF Converter for Mac you need for your daily work.
Author: upload113 Date: 22-03-2017, 00:49 Comments: 0 Views: 55
Winclone Pro 6.0 MacOSX
Winclone Pro 6.0 MacOSX
Size: 18.8 MB

Winclone 6 can migrate, clone, and restore Windows 8 and later (including Windows 8, 8.1 and 10). Recent Macs only support 64-bit versions of Windows so check your hardware requirements before migrating Windows to new hardware. Windows 7 is not supported on newer Mac hardware but Winclone will be able to clone, migrate and restore Windows 7 on older hardware that supports it.
Author: upload113 Date: 22-03-2017, 00:44 Comments: 0 Views: 75
Movavi Screenshot Maker 1.0 Multilingual MacOSX
Movavi Screenshot Maker 1.0 Multilingual MacOSX
Size: 69.5 MB

Take high-quality snapshots of everything that happens on your Mac screen and save the images in most popular formats.
Author: upload113 Date: 22-03-2017, 00:01 Comments: 0 Views: 60
Membrane Pro 1.0.6 MacOSX
Membrane Pro 1.0.6 MacOSX
Size: 84.8 MB

Membrane is a Mac application that lets you create album artworks, Facebook covers, YouTube channel arts, and much more easily.
Author: upload113 Date: 19-03-2017, 12:29 Comments: 0 Views: 83
MovieIcon 2.9.50 MacOSX

MovieIcon 2.9.50 MacOSX | 7.9 MB

Quickly change icons of your movie collection to actual cover art with MovieIcon!. Just drag video files into MovieIcon and it will find and apply movie cover to your Finder icon. You can even embed art to iTunes / AppleTV compatible movies.
Author: upload113 Date: 19-03-2017, 12:22 Comments: 0 Views: 88
JustBroadcaster for YouTube v1.7.1 MacOSX

JustBroadcaster for YouTube 1.7.1 Mac OS X | 18.1 MB

The easiest way to broadcast from your Mac to YouTube. The app is not designed for the video professional, but is instead designed to make it easier for businesses and hobbyists to share live-streaming video with others, directly from their Mac. The app offers a simple way for anyone to be live and "on the air" on YouTube within minutes.
Author: upload113 Date: 13-03-2017, 00:30 Comments: 0 Views: 58
Together 3.7.5 MacOSX
Together 3.7.5 MacOSX | 15 MB

Together - A program for storing and organizing files. Thanks to the support of the drag-and-drop function, Together allows you to collect images, text, bookmarks and other files, and store them in order. All files can be divided into groups and folders, add tags and shortcuts. A built-in search function will help you quickly find the right file.
Author: upload113 Date: 13-03-2017, 00:24 Comments: 0 Views: 63
Telestream Wirecast Pro 7.4 MacOSX
Release Name: Telestream.Wirecast.Pro.7.4.MacOSX
Size: 133.6 MB

Description: Everything you need to stream live video from your desktop to the world! Wirecast lets you capture an unlimited number of input devices from live camera feeds, iOS cameras (coming soon), computer desktop, Web feeds, and more. Then add polish and professionalism to your broadcast with live switching, transitions, titles, lower thirds, and more.


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