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Author: upload113 Date: 12-03-2017, 05:29 Comments: 0 Views: 88
SteerMouse 5.0.6 MacOSX
SteerMouse 5.0.6 MacOSX | 5 MB

SteerMouse is an advanced driver for USB and Bluetooth mice. It also supports Apple Mighty Mouse very well. SteerMouse can assign various functions to buttons that Apple's software does not allow, including double-clicks, modifier clicks, application switching, assignment of shortcut keys, "snap to" cursor movement, which moves the cursor to target (such as an OK button), and more. SteerMouse lets you control the cursor's Sensitivity on top of the Tracking Speed.
Author: upload113 Date: 9-03-2017, 14:15 Comments: 0 Views: 93
Orion Flyer Maker Pro 3.03.2 MacOSX

Orion Flyer Maker Pro 3.03.2 MacOSX | 53.4 MB

Create beautiful professional looking flyers in minutes!
Author: upload113 Date: 9-03-2017, 13:59 Comments: 0 Views: 93
Allegorithmic Substance Painter MacOSX

Allegorithmic Substance Painter MacOSX | 1.09 GB

Substance Painter is a 3D Painting app with never before seen features and workflow improvements to make the creation of textures for 3D assets easier than ever. It is acknowledged as the most innovative and user-friendly 3D Painter out there.
Author: art_links Date: 9-03-2017, 00:08 Comments: 0 Views: 75
MacBooster 4.0.3 MacOSX

MacBooster 4.0.3 | MacOSX | 28 MB

Free up disk space. More space for the necessary files.
The hard drive of your Mac quickly clogged with unnecessary files, such as binary files, event logs, caches, etc. This is especially true if you have a SSD-drive small size. MacBooster can find and delete these files to free up disk space. You will have more space for the files you need.
Author: upload113 Date: 6-03-2017, 00:21 Comments: 0 Views: 45
Espionage 3.6.6 Multilangual MacOSX

Espionage 3.6.6 Multilangual MacOSX | 10 MB

Espionage: simple, state of the art encryption and plausible deniability for your data. Sometimes, encrypting your data isn't enough to protect it. That's why Espionage 3 goes beyond data encryption. What happens if you're forced to give up your password? In such situations, encryption won't help at all. To address this, we went beyond encryption and introduced multiple layers of plausible deniability into Espionage.
Author: upload113 Date: 6-03-2017, 00:18 Comments: 0 Views: 51
Emoji 2.11 MacOSX
Emoji 2.11 | MacOSX | 3.3 Mb

Have you ever seen people using funny Emoji images in short text messages, emails, Facebook, Twitter and other iPhone/iPad applications? Yes! Millions of people are already using them on they iOS devices!
Author: upload113 Date: 2-03-2017, 03:56 Comments: 0 Views: 59
PhoneClean Pro 4.1.1 Multilangual MacOSX
PhoneClean Pro 4.1.1 Multilangual MacOSX | 9.2 MB

PhoneClean - a handy utility to clear the memory from the various junk files and redundant data on iOS-devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch). Helps clear the cache, history of calls and messages, delete temporary files, the cookie, scripts, media data remaining after synchronization, etc., as well as increase the speed of the gadget. It has a simple and intuitive interface.
Author: art_links Date: 28-02-2017, 20:50 Comments: 0 Views: 109
Boxshot 4 Ultimate 4.12 MacOSX

Boxshot 4 Ultimate 4.12 MacOSX | 95.38 MB

Realistic 3D Mockups Made Easy. Boxshot features 50+ customizable shapes and renders them so realistically that customers may think they are seeing a photo of the actual product. Boxshot features a large selection of customizable shapes: software boxes; hardbound and paperback books; magazines; CD, DVD, and Blu-ray boxes; cards, cans, mugs; bags; and much more. Almost all the shapes are customizable so you can adjust them for your design.
Author: upload113 Date: 25-02-2017, 00:29 Comments: 0 Views: 69
Filter Forge 6.006 MacOSX

Filter Forge 6.006 MacOSX | 149.2 MB

Filter Forge is a powerful Photoshop plugin and a stand-alone desktop application for Windows and Mac OS X that allows photographers, web designers, 3D modelers and other computer artists to apply over 5800 ready-to-use visual effects to their images, generate over 6000 of unique procedural textures, and create their own filters.
Author: upload113 Date: 24-02-2017, 00:27 Comments: 0 Views: 87
JixiPix Portrait Painter 1.30 MacOSX

JixiPix Portrait Painter 1.30 MacOSX | 17.1 MB

JixiPix is proud to give you Portrait Painter a revolutionary paint product that simulates a hand painted gallery-style portrait on fine linen or canvas. This professional painting tool will add color, light and texture, to your painting, which harmonize intelligently-and with stunning candor, to produce fabulous works of art that resonates with vibrant life. Artists, Photographers & Hobbyists will love watching their subjects transcend from the living to become immortalized in a timeless masterpiece.


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