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Author: antonhyip Date: 18-09-2016, 04:32 Comments: 0 Views: 129
Evocative 032 (2016)
Evocative, a sub label of Proton Compiled & Mixed series, releases continuous DJ mixes alongside the unmixed tracks, This label releases compilations from Eve Falcon, host of the popular Evocative show on Proton Radio. The show has frequently landed in the Top since launching on the station with mixes that pulse, throb, twist, turn and dare to tell a story. From a passion for underground progressive house at opposite ends of the audio spectrum the deep, shadowy atmospheres to the blissful, shimmering melodies, Yin and Yang were born in an effort to represent this phenomenon in musical form. Eves track selections are equally inspired by established artists and underground producers; the rediscovered to the under-the-radar.
Evocative 032 (2016)
Tech House. Progressive, Minimal | Evocative Records


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