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Author: Bo0mB0om Date: 18-11-2017, 02:50 Comments: 0 Views: 10

Apowersoft ApowerMirror 1.2.4 (Build 08312017) Multilingual
File size: 71.2 MB

ApowerMirror enables you to mirror and share the screen of your Android or iOS phone with a computer. In other words, it can display the screen of the cell phone on the computer, enabling you to enjoy watching clips, play games, and so on.

Author: Bo0mB0om Date: 18-11-2017, 02:45 Comments: 0 Views: 9

Mentor Graphics Xpedition Enterprise VX.2.1 Update 7 (x64)
File Size : 1.62 GB

Expedition PCB - an integrated environment for designing printed circuit boards, including interactive and autorouting. DxDesigner is a developed and scalable environment for creating and editing circuit design projects, integrated with Expedition PCB and other topological editors.

Author: Bo0mB0om Date: 1-11-2017, 00:09 Comments: 0 Views: 12

ElectraSoft Speed Dial 17.06.24

ElectraSoft Speed Dial 17.06.24 | 1.2 MB
Speed Dial can be used as a contact book to store detailed information about all your friends and acquaintances, allowing you to quickly find the phone number you need and dial it without having to look the contacts up.

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IObit Uninstaller Pro v7.1.0.17 + License Keys

IObit Uninstaller Pro v7.1.0.17 + License Keys | 16.1 MB
IObit Uninstaller helps you uninstall and remove unwanted programs and folders from your computer fast and easily. Where the built-in and sluggish Windows Add or Remove Programs option fails, IObit Uninstaller works as always and picks up the slack. What's better, it is a free Uninstaller without installation.

Author: Bo0mB0om Date: 1-11-2017, 00:06 Comments: 0 Views: 9

Autodesk Fabrication CADmep  CAMduct  ESTmep 2018 (x64) ISO
Autodesk Fabrication CADmep / CAMduct / ESTmep 2018 (x64) ISO | 3.71 Gb (Total)
Autodesk Fabrication software products help extend Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflows to mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) contractors. Create models using manufacturer-specific content that can help generate better estimates, create more accurate building systems, and directly drive MEP fabrication.

Autodesk Fabrication CADmep
For detailers - Detail, coordinate, and prepare models ready for MEP fabrication

Autodesk Fabrication ESTmep
For estimators - Create more accurate estimates to win more work and monitor your costs

Autodesk Fabrication CAMduct
For manufacturers - Control the ductwork manufacturing production line


Home Page - http://www.autodesk.com

Author: Bo0mB0om Date: 1-11-2017, 00:02 Comments: 0 Views: 12

Autodesk Hsmworks v2018 R1.41866

Autodesk Hsmworks v2018 R1.41866 | 578 MB

Author: Bo0mB0om Date: 31-10-2017, 00:59 Comments: 0 Views: 11

MovieSpirit - Movie Maker Pro 6.3
MovieSpirit - Movie Maker Pro 6.3 | IOS | 123 MB
Languages: English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese

Through MovieSpirit, You can combine all media elements such as video, photo, music, text and voice with your creative ideas. What's more, you can add various effects to them(scene switching effects, text animation, etc).

Author: Bo0mB0om Date: 31-10-2017, 00:57 Comments: 0 Views: 12

Marvelous Designer 6.5 Personal Multilingual
Windows x86/x64 | Multilingual | File Size: 356.15 MB | 363.9 MB

Marvelous Designer allows you to create beautiful 3D virtual clothing with our cutting-edge design software. Finally breathe life into your designs with tools that enhance quality while saving you time. From basic shirts to intricately pleated dresses and rugged uniforms, Marvelous Designer can virtually replicate fabric textures and physical properties to the last button, fold, and accessory.

Author: Bo0mB0om Date: 31-10-2017, 00:56 Comments: 0 Views: 11

Reallusion iClone Pro 7.01.0714.1 (x64) + Resource Pack

Reallusion iClone Pro 7.01.0714.1 (x64) + Resource Pack | 1.31/1.45 GB
iClone 6 is real-time 3D animation for digital actors, virtual environments, visual effects with drag & drop editing, powerful physics and easy plug-in compatibility, designed for creativity in storytelling and broadcast production, education & previzualization. Professionals and beginners can take advantage of tons of pre-made content and smart interactivity between actors and environment that make animation fun and intuitive. Easily create & customize, direct actors, props, scenes, vehicles, lighting, cameras and dynamic material channel settings, all with stunning ultra-realistic rendering.

Author: Bo0mB0om Date: 31-10-2017, 00:53 Comments: 0 Views: 12

InnovMetric PolyWorks 2017 IR12 (x64)
File size: 1.53 GB

Defining the cutting edge of 3D metrology, the PolyWorks software suite maximizes productivity, quality, and profitability when integrating 3D measurement technologies into an industrial manufacturing process. From part and tool design and prototyping down to final inspection of assembled products, PolyWorks offers advanced solutions to cover the complete product development cycle.


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