Azure Service Platform

What Does Azure Service Platform Mean?

Windows Azure service platform is a cloud Platform as a Service (PaaS) by Microsoft. It enables the development and hosting of applications on Microsoft’s managed data center.


Windows Azure Service platform is a suite of different Microsoft applications and services providing the backend architecture for developing feature-rich applications hosted on Microsoft and third-party infrastructures. The Azure Service platform uses Windows Azure, a cloud specific operating system. The components in the Azure Service platform includes Live Services, SQL Azure for targeted cloud database management, SharePoint Services, Dynamic Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Services, and AppFabric providing different sets of application-centric services.

Techopedia Explains Azure Service Platform

Windows Azure service platform is considered to be a hybrid cloud platform amalgamating the power of the three different cloud service models in one solution. It also provides Software as a Service (SaaS) through its Windows Azure operating system and SQL Azure, both designed to operate on the cloud or on a premises virtualization platform.

AppFabric delivers the core PaaS components by enabling back-end, inter-process, inter-application, and inter-system communications and task management. AppFabric is divided into Windows Azure AppFabric, which provides integration, access control, and application programming interface (API) support for developing applications and Windows Azure Server AppFabric, which manages hosting and caching support.

Microsoft provisions raw computing instances through its data center infrastructure services, which ensures that all Windows Azure Service platform applications can be hosted and scaled on their provided infrastructure.


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