Automatic Online Backup

What Does Automatic Online Backup Mean?

Automatic online backup is a service that provides the ability to back up files from a local hard drive to a remote server or other storage facility via an Internet connection. It is often included as part of a cloud computing solution, where backup and other services are delivered from a remote central location, reducing hardware infrastructure and technical responsibilities for clients.


Techopedia Explains Automatic Online Backup

Automatic online backup has several benefits, including enhanced security for valuable data. Accessing automatic online backup services is often included as a component of an organization’s disaster planning. These types of services help ensure continued operations, even if a business that houses hardware setups is threatened by a storm or other disaster.

There are a variety of automatic online backup services. Some services charge by unit of information (for example, per GB), while others offer unlimited backup for a flat fee per hardware device.

Backup is available for a range of devices. When purchasing an automated online backup service, a buyer must determine the way in which data will be stored for retrieval, and whether a particular service will facilitate access to stored data.


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