Automated Testing Software

What Does Automated Testing Software Mean?

Automated testing software is a type of software that provides automated evaluation, testing and quality assurance of software. It is used in software testing processes by automating routine and rigorous software testing techniques, processes and workflows.


Automated testing software is also known as testing software, test automation software, a test automation tool or an automated testing tool.

Techopedia Explains Automated Testing Software

Automated testing software is primarily used by software testers within a software quality assurance or testing process. Typically, automated testing software reviews the code, structure and context of the software being tested, such as regression testing. It seeks out and identifies any bugs, errors and/or other programming defects within the source code.

Automated testing software is integrated with one or more predefined/custom test cases/scripts that defines the scope and processes within the testing process. The overall bugs and errors are provided to the software tester in a report format. It can also be used to test the graphical user interface of the software for user experience.


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