Automated Business Process Discovery

What Does Automated Business Process Discovery Mean?

Automated Business Process Discovery (ABPD) is a specific kind of business process analysis that is largely automated and relies heavily on algorithmic and computational logic building.


The principle of ABPD is that similar types of business analysis tools automatically gather data from documents such as audits and event logs, and compile it into useful information that not only identifies process models, but also explores variations and gives users a much better picture of what a specific business process looks like, and how changes would affect the business as a whole.

Automated Business Process Discovery is also known as process mining.

Techopedia Explains Automated Business Process Discovery

ABPD takes existing data and looks at it in detail to identify bottlenecks, weak links and sources of liability within business processes. This can be extremely valuable to a business, where combining this kind of automated process with other kinds of business process modeling can give executives or leaders an accurate picture of not only how business processes are done, but how they are operating relative to any number of other models or simulations.

Experts note that while ABPD is great for visualizing and analyzing formal processes that already have a data chain, businesses may still need to use other methods like person-to-person interviews and field data collection for more informal business process elements that are not written down or documented in an enterprise IT structure.


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