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In Session Audio - Latin Jazz Guitar and Direct MULTiFORMAT
In Session Audio - Latin Jazz Guitar and Direct MULTiFORMAT
Latin Jazz Guitar 2.51 GB | Latin Jazz Guitar Direct 1.36 GB

Latin Jazz Guitar is an electric guitar loop library designed to evoke the fire and passion that comes from Bossa, Samba and other styles of Latin music.
Author: mitsumi Date: 30-06-2016, 00:12 Comments: 0 Views: 159

Samplephonics The Vision - MULTiFORMAT

Samplephonics The Vision - MULTiFORMAT | 769 Mb

The Vision' is a sample pack that pays homage to classic futuristic films of the past and harnesses incredible compositional diversity to bring it flying up to date. With a nod to Blade Runner, 'The Running Man' and all things great about 1980's Sci-Fi, this truly unique collection of '80s samples guarantees to add a sense of drama, hope and intensity to your next production.Inside this future twisting collection you'll find tearing analogue synth loops, dense pad progressions, modulating sequenced basses, mangled drums machines, epic gated reverbs, dystopian soundscapes and anything you might need to destroy the future army of on rushing Terminators.
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YnK Audio - On Fleek: Party Bangers ACiD MiDi REX FLP AiFF
YnK Audio - On Fleek: Party Bangers ACiD MiDi REX FLP AiFF | 1.26 GB

On Fleek: Party Bangers' is a billboard-topping collection of 10 Pop/Hip Hop Construction Kits including elements from some of the biggest Pop hits out now. Inspired by smash hits from Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Pink, Pitbull and more.
Author: sddd Date: 29-06-2016, 00:08 Comments: 0 Views: 141
M.C.O.D - Meet The Reaper WAV MiDi
M.C.O.D - Meet The Reaper WAV MiDi | 362.41 MB

Meet The Reaper' is an incredible Trap pack with a sound that can only be manufactured through M.C.O.D. This release brings you five multi-tracked Construction Kits of blazin' hot Trap content, including essential speaker-shaking drums, all supplied in 24-Bit quality for a sparky sound.
Author: upload113 Date: 28-06-2016, 06:24 Comments: 0 Views: 152
Soundiron - SFX Subways and Street Cars KONTAKT
Soundiron - SFX Subways and Street Cars KONTAKT | 4.38 GB

Subways & Streetcars is a professional sound library featuring the sounds and environmentals of a modern major metropolitan transit line and 3 different vintage early 20th century electric passenger streetcars. This 4.38 GB library is built for sound designers, as well as musicians and composers looking for fresh sonic ideas to explore and manipulate. The sounds are standard wav files that can be used in any audio program and you'll find each wav clearly named and organized to make searching a breeze. The Kontakt presets take it a step further and put all of that excellent content into an easy plug-and-play interface, whether you're using it for music creation or pure sound design.
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Deedotwill Gross Beat Vol.1 FST
Deedotwill Gross Beat Vol.1 FST | 3 MB

Deedotwill Gross Beat Vol. 1 Includes 36 smooth and glitchy presets.
Author: upload113 Date: 28-06-2016, 04:36 Comments: 0 Views: 200
SwuM Drum Kit ACID WAV
SwuM Drum Kit ACID WAV | 170 MB

SwuM's signature Drum Kit. Including hundred of samples: Kicks, Snares, Hi-Hats, Claps, Percussions, Cymbals, Drumloops, fx.All raw and fresh including vinyl and dusty samples!
Author: mitsumi Date: 27-06-2016, 21:08 Comments: 0 Views: 135

Vienna Symphonic Library Saxophones Tenor - KONTAKT

The classical Swing big-band ensemble includes 5 saxophones: 2 Alto, 2 Tenor and 1 Baritone saxophone. The transposing Tenor saxophone in Bb covers the middle range. Its sound can be very raw and "dirty".Stan Getz is one of a large number of well-known players of this instrument.
Author: mitsumi Date: 27-06-2016, 21:04 Comments: 0 Views: 124

Soundtrack Loops Growlers and Screamers [ACiD WAV AiFF ALP]

Growlers & Screamers will put you on the fast track for producing authentic modern Dubstep within minutes. All of those hard to find sounds are included. Sounds like punchy snares, growling basses, buzzing saw basses, deep sub basses, speaker thrashing screamer synths, brain twisting synth effects, wobbles, leads, energizing arpeggiators, catchy lead hooks, bends, bounces, hyped SFX, talking vowel synths, mixed beats, chest pounding kicks, 8 bit game sounds, and trancey hooks.This is not a mindless construction kit full of premade songs left over on some random producer's hard drive. Growlers & Screamers is a set of sounds for the samplist at heart. We saved you time that you would have spent on sound design by making the sickest patches and then mixing them down as extremely flexible loops and samples.
Author: mitsumi Date: 27-06-2016, 20:59 Comments: 0 Views: 155

Vienna Symphonic Library Trombone Ensemble KONTAKT

This trombone ensemble consists of three musicians. The trombone has been found in ensembles and as a solo instrument throughout its history since the Middle Ages and can be used in all genres of music for brass instruments. In the course of its history, the trombone has become increasingly versatile and its stylistic possibilities have grown to the point where today the instrument is no longer subject to any stylistic constraints.Trombone ensemble (3 players)


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