ATI Avivo High Definition

What Does ATI Avivo High Definition Mean?

ATI Avivo High Definition (ATI Avivo HD) is the successor of Array Technology Industry (ATI) Avivo, a hardware and low-level software that is used in ATI’s Radeon R520 graphics processing units.


ATI Avivo architecture was originally designed to unburden a PC’s central processing unit (CPU) by providing encoding, video decoding and post-processing capabilities. ATI Avivo HD also includes entropy decoding and bitstream processing features.

Techopedia Explains ATI Avivo High Definition

Avivo HD technology is a high-end HD image processor that has H.264 and MPEG-2/DVD Microsoft Windows Media HD video standards. It can be used with computer video structures, film entertainment centers and home theater systems.

Avivo HD entails several features that include:

  • An ATI Avivo video converter
  • A theater 200 chip for video in/video out (VIVO) abilities
  • A Xilleon chip for television overscan and underscan image correction
  • An integrated 5.1 surround sound high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) audio controller with multichannel HD surround audio
  • Unified video decoding
  • A dual integrated high-bandwidth digital content protection encryption key for each digital visual interface port

The Avivo HD audio-video processor is responsible for retrieving the video from memory, handling color correction, de-interlacing images by converting an interlaced image to a progressive scan image, scaling video signals by resolution conversion and writing configurations or conversions back to memory.

In addition, the Avivo HD HDMI feature eliminates the need for S/PDIF digital audio interconnect from a sound card or motherboard to the video card.


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