Application Discovery

What Does Application Discovery Mean?

Application discovery is a process through which the applications installed and used throughout an enterprise are identified and collected. This process enables the gathering, monitoring and management of the entire application portfolio used within an IT environment or on individual computers and networks, such as business/productivity applications, database applications, client/server applications and more.


Techopedia Explains Application Discovery

Application discovery is primarily a part of an application performance management/monitoring (APM) solution suite. It is implemented to identify and monitor the different applications and services used within an organization. Typically, application discovery is performed through automated APM software that works over the network to reach all systems, servers and network nodes within the IT environment. The data is then sent back to the APM application discovery dashboard for evaluation and analysis. Application discovery is also used as a security measure to identify any unwanted/unverified application running or residing in any part of the network.


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