Android Honeycomb

What Does Android Honeycomb Mean?

Android Honeycomb is a successive version of the Android operating system for compatible phones and devices. It is the third-generation version of this operating system based on Linux and developed by Google subsidiaries for smartphones and tablets.


Android Honeycomb is also known as Android 3.0.

Techopedia Explains Android Honeycomb

Versions of the Android operating system have improved and expanded to meet the needs of its consumer audience.

Android Honeycomb brought several changes from the prior Android Gingerbread version. One of these is a set of responsive design elements for larger screen devices such as tablets.

Like other successive versions of operating systems, Android Honeycomb added to the visual design of the interface, adding 3-D look and feel, as well as a richer environment for digital tasking, messaging and more. Controls and password functions also received refreshers as the company continued to design a more sophisticated operating system for Android devices.


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