Ambient Display

What Does Ambient Display Mean?

An ambient display is a display that is designed to convey concise information to the user. they are chiefly used in gadgets and information appliances in office environment as well as home. Designed to achieve the “preattentiveness” of the human brain, ambient displays make it possible for the user to process information without diverting the attention toward background tasks.


An ambient display is also known as a glanceable display.

Techopedia Explains Ambient Display

An ambient display draws the attention of the user only when needed. The intention is to focus on the main task; placing information on the screen such that user is aware of each subtle change of any form. The primary task is to create a graphical user interface (GUI) that is interactive and responds to the needs of the user. It should be able to convey important and instantaneous information without being too overbearing. Ambient displays are now used on huge systems, making the admin aware of various states like network load or weather updates. Improved versions are being created with smart sensing devices that can even detect the mood of user.


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