Amazon Web Services S3

What Does Amazon Web Services S3 Mean?

Amazon Web Services S3 is a cloud storage offering from Amazon Web Services, Inc. It is part of a general category of Amazon Web Services that many enterprises use as a model for online and cloud systems.


Amazon Web Services S3 is also known as Amazon’s Simple Storage Service.

Techopedia Explains Amazon Web Services S3

Amazon Web Services S3 offers a scalable object storage model, with proprietary security and enhanced design. It is offered on a service subscription model, with no installation or setup costs for the client. It is compatible with a range of other Amazon services. Amazon contends that this business offering provides good storage solutions for cloud applications, content distribution and big data, as well as additional backup and data disaster recovery planning. This includes data redundancy for a more secure storage solution. Amazon also guarantees a high degree of availability for stored objects. An Amazon service level agreement details everything that this service provides to clients, including access and security design philosophy for this set of products.


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