Adobe Edge

What Does Adobe Edge Mean?

Adobe Edge is a Web design tool that allows developers to create animated content for websites using HTML5, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript.


Edge allows developers to use an interface and features similar to those of Adobe’s proprietary Flash Professional tool to develop Web content using native Web standards.

Techopedia Explains Adobe Edge

Edge was released in 2011 as a free preview that could be downloaded from the Adobe Labs website. As of February 2012, Edge was in its fourth preview version.

Edge allows developers to create new content, animate text and import existing graphics for animation.

The Edge user interface contains many elements that are similar to Adobe Flash Professional, including the stage, the properties window and the animation time line. However, Edge generates HTML, CSS and JavaScript files and its animation content is stored in a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) data structure.

Versions of Adobe Edge are available for both Windows and Mac platforms. Content created with Edge will run on both PC browsers and mobile devices.


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