A1 Security

What Does A1 Security Mean?

A1 security is a security rating for evaluating the security of computer products to be used within government and military organizations. The rating was developed by the U.S. National Computer Security Center (NCSC) as an integral part of the Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (TESC), Department of Defense (DoD) standard 5200.28-STD.


Techopedia Explains A1 Security

A1 security was initially part of a series included various levels of security ratings devised specifically for all types of computer products consumed in strategically sensitive organizations. A1 security is the highest achievable rating within this qualification test. A1 security requires that any computer system must pass a series of tests of its design, engineering, security policy models, data labeling and other military-class security design tests. Systems that meet A1 security standards are also referred to as having a verified design, where the underlying system functionality is comprehensively analyzed and verified from top-level specifications to ensure its security.


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